Spray Tan

A healthy glow and a great look.

Offering both Crazy Angel and Sienna X the safest and best professional solutions on the market...

I chose these because of the alcohol, mineral and paraben Oil free promise and they use natural ingredients. Perfect for sensitive skin. They leave your skin moisturised with a lovely bronzed glow, and a nice floral fragrance.

I use Light, Medium and Dark solution as this gives clients the choice of colour. It means you could try the lightest colour first (especially if you have very fair skin) then venturing onto the medium if you feel you want a slighter darker look. There is only a slight change in colour between each solution.

Crazy Angel and Sienna X dry quickly which means you can get dressed after a minute or less. Your tan will also develop in 4-6 hours - no more waiting 12 hours overnight which is perfect if you want an appointment the same day as your night out....

Preparation - Exfoliate and shave24 hours before appointment as this will help the development of the Tanning process. Bring old, dark underwear this is usually the easier option but I also have disposables that can be used if needed. Loose dark clothing is also essential so it doesn't stick/rub off before it is fully dry.

Aftercare - showering off after the 4-6 hours developing time (although some clients do still prefer to leave it on for 8hrs+ but this is totally up to yourself as everyone's tan develops differently depending on skin types). Pat dry don't rub. Use a moisturiser daily where possible, but would advise staying clear of moisturisers with oil in them as this sometimes 'strips' the tan quicker.


I am happy to price up any Tanning Parties, Bridal parties etc. Discounted rates will be applied where possible, when two or more treatments are booked or if there is more then 2 people booking.

Payments via cash or bank transfer on the day.